Commercial Transactions

For 25 years, the law firm of Anderson, Bottrell, Sanden & Thompson has provided legal services to businesses both large and small in North Dakota and Minnesota. Anderson, Bottrell, Sanden & Thompson’s lawyers and staff have a wealth of information, knowledge and experience in commercial transactions. That knowledge and experience involves representing clients from the initiation of a loan, to the closing, to collection.

Such advice includes negotiating, drafting and closing of a variety of commercial contracts and business agreements, including:

  • Documentation of secured transactions, including master loan agreements, security agreements, financing statements, guaranties, promissory notes, mortgages, control agreements and various other documents necessary to properly close a loan.
  • Real estate transactions including leases, licenses and easements.
  • Equipment purchases and leases.
  • Shareholder partnership agreements and related business and corporate documents.
  • Structuring of debt, including workout agreements.
hashCommercial Transactions